Strengthen, Lengthen &Tone

Platinum Membership

Reward Yourself and Win with Free Classes, Swag and Discounts! 

We want to celebrate your commitment and focus to PBX® through the Referizer Rewards Program where you can win free swag and classes as you Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone. It's about time you got a little something back for all the dedication and hard work you've been putting in. Now, you can earn free classes not just for yourself but for a friend too. Check it out:

Referizer Rewards Program Details

Are you ready to start collecting points by coming to classes, posting on social media, and referring friends to PBX®? Once you start collecting points, you can redeem your Referizer points for prizes, like:

  • 10 points: Request your favorite song to be played in class
  • 20 points: 10% off any boutique item
  • 35 points: 20% off any boutique item
  • 60 points: Free pair of grip socks (Tavi Style)
  • 100 points: Free PBX® tank top 
  • 120 points: Free Class

Sign Up Today!

It's easy. After your first class, Referizer will send you a text asking you to opt in. This will connect your class schedule to our rewards program and you will start earning points right away. View your account by clicking on the text messages sent after class when you earn points, post to social media or refer friends for even more points!

If you have any issues, feel free to contact Referizer at If you have any questions for PBX® about the rewards program in general, give us a call at 919-435-4229.