Laying all the way down on your mat, legs outstretched long and straight. Extend your arms directly above your shoulders. Arms reach out in line with the shoulders. Gather your breath with a long inhale. As you slowly exhale curl your chin to your chest, peeling your spine off of the mat. As one vertebrae at a time lifts off of the mat, and your core tightens, pushing through your  slowly exhale. Once in a seated position, gather your breath, begin to curl down onto the mat, re-settinging your spine on the mat. That is one.
In two breaths you complete the equivalent of a number of crunches and one of the hardest moves at PBX. The baseline of a strong core is the stability of this move. Stillness and motion intersect in a Roll Down. Focusing on your breath, which engages your core will eventually help you finish one roll down without the hurkey-jerkiness of discomfort. Ultimately that discomfort is the manifestation of frustration. The need for a stronger core. What you will learn is that the slower you are indicates the stronger you are. It takes practice to be this solid in your mind. Ridding yourself of the doubt and the tendency to speed through a move. Momentum is the achilles heel of strength. It forces your body to ignore the subtle focus that is required to move fluidly. As you wake up the connector muscles you strengthen the bigger muscle groups, while lengthening them. What forms a strong core is every part of it is working, not just the ones that you hope to spot train before baring them in a bathing suit.
The Roll Down creates the cement that PBX so solidly stamps their abs on. With the introduction of a stronger core, one learns the essential nature of the roll down. Better posture, holding your head up high, signifying confidence. All of the things we seek in healing our bodies, through training them lies in this move. So practice at home, even when you don’t have to. Moving creates a mind-body connection.
Check out our PBX® Core Jump class to practice that perfect ROLL DOWN in the studio!