So I get asked all the time, what props do you love?! 💕
Well, I will give you the skinny on what props I think are the best, of course, there is always a substitution that you can find lying around the house. But if you want to take your home practice to the next level!
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  1. Bands that make her dance. 💃 Just kidding... But I do love some bands for layering on intensity! Here are my two favorites. A loop and a flat. They come in different levels so you can really push yourself by going heavier or go lighter if you want to work more stability.
2.Sliders. I have had them alllllll. These are by far the best and won't damage your floor. Learned that mistake at the studio 😉
if you have seen our floor then you know what I mean.😂
Soft sliders for hard floors. (Select Court style)
3.Weights. 💪 There is nothing like a good set of hand weights. I love utilizing 2's, and 3's for arm movements really far away from the body sculpting all those tiny muscles. And 5's and 10's for close to the body. Think bicep or tricep work. I love this little set that provides all the options, and a holder too!
4.The Ring of Fire. 🔥🔥🔥 Yes, if you just groaned reading it then you know! Holy inner thighs. Get this to add that intensity to SO many movements.
5.Ankle Weights: This has been a COVID fav of mine. I miss the straps on the machines adding that extra weight. I use these on my ankles and wrists. I love these ones by Bala because they are super cute! Almost like a bangle. 💁‍♀️
I have these because you know I love a challenge. 🤣
6.Roller: Dude, Foam Rolling is THE best. I also love some exercises on the roller too to mimic the machine. We will show you those in our upcoming Roller Class. It is like giving yourself a massage 💆‍♀️ So grab this roller so you join in on all the ahhhhhhhmazing stretches.
7.Core Ball: there is just something about the versatility of a core ball that just makes me so happy. I think this prop is my fav of all time if I had to pick just one to take on a desert island. 🌴
That's all my recommendations for today y'all. Questions holler at us!
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