Even though there are dozens of school options in this area -- traditional, year-round, charter, private, magnet, home-school -- August is typically thought of as the 'back to school' month for most kids and parents. Along with the start of a new school year come new teachers, new friends, new subjects and especially new routines. Waking up to an alarm clock, packing lunches, sports, clubs, homework. It seems overwhelming, but somehow the chaos dies down as everyone gets back into a daily rhythm.
Whether you're starting your first year of college, you've got babies who are years away from starting school, or you're about to become an empty nester after many years, having your own daily routine is of paramount importance for everyone. You doesn't matter what stage of life you're in, having a routine can go a long way towards helping you achieve goals and ultimately live a happier life.
There are hundreds if not thousands of articles that give you scientific reasons for why you need to have a routine, but the bottom line is that it's the first step in taking better care of yourself. This fall, we're going to be kicking off a new series about self-care and how adjusting various aspects of your life can lead to a happier, healthier, better you!
Having a routine can help you check more things off your to-do list by keeping your time organized and helping you to weed out things that don't have to be done right away. Routines can also help you stop procrastinating and all of these things can lead to better sleep and better mental health overall.
At PBX, we know that exercise is only one component of your daily or weekly routine, but we're glad to be a part of it regardless of how often you visit the studio. We hope that coming to our classes is something that you look forward to, something that gets your blood pumping, and something that makes you want to keep Pilates on your regular schedule.
With the launch of our new fall schedule, we have listened to your requests and added more class times than ever! We hope that there are plenty of classes, workshops and fun events that will fit your schedule!
So bust out those calendars and start making your new routine! Remember: why put off tomorrow what can be done today??