Barre is an integral part of the PBX® Method, offered exclusively at PBX Pilates Barre Extreme in Raleigh, NC. Although barre fitness classes are a huge trend right now, like many fitness trends, it’s not widely understood by those who aren’t really doing it. Let’s look at what it’s really about.

Barre workouts have their origins in traditional ballet exercises, in which dancers stretch and warm up against a horizontal railing or barre in the rehearsal studio. In the 1940s, dancer Lotte Berk used her knowledge of stretching and strengthening with the barre to create a method of exercise to help rehabilitate herself after a spinal injury. Her efforts were successful, and that method grew into modern-day barre classes.

Barre exercises use your own body weight or light weights to shape and tone the body using isometrics. These are exercises in which the body holds a position for an extended period to build muscle strength. Isometrics are combined with fat-burning interval training and dance conditioning to create a long and strong body shape.

Even though you are not throwing heavy weights around or jogging on a treadmill, Barre classes are not easy. You will push your arm, core, and leg muscles to their limits. In fact, you will get a pretty good cardio workout too because your body is working so hard! If you don't have much time to exercise, Barre classes are a great solution, because they burn tons of calories and build muscle at the same time, cutting your exercise time in half.

A unique feature of this style of workout is that it targets every major muscle group. Balancing and doing core work on the floor encourage strong abs. Squats and leg lifts lead to strong yet slim legs and a lifted butt. Your arms will even get toned, especially if your instructor incorporates weights into the routine. Because this method of exercise includes a lot of stretching, your body will also become longer, leaner, and more flexible. It is one of the most low-impact methods to create defined muscles and even lose weight. Barre exercises also encourage better posture as your core becomes stronger and you become more aware of how you hold your body. Because it is not high-impact like lifting weights or running, even pregnant women can participate in these workouts.

People who enjoy Pilates love barre too. They are both low-impact, encourage flexibility, and work on the mind-body connection. In fact, many classes also incorporate yoga with Pilates poses and ballet positions. Women and men of any fitness level can take all types of classes, as they are usually body-weight driven and can be modified by the instructor to suit the individual’s physical capabilities or limitations.

PBX Pilates Barre Extreme offers PBX Barre classes that fuse barre and Pilates reformer exercises into a heart pumping, leg-burning body sculpting session. Contact us in Raleigh, NC, to learn more.