You want to firm up and lose weight but have not been successful in the past. You want to work think positively about the process, as you firmly believe this can help you reach your health goals.

Indeed it can, but you can’t just say “I’m going to think positively” and have it come true. Even positive thinking requires some special know-how, or at least some tricks to make it happen. So here’s some advice to achieving that positive mind-set, courtesy of FitDay and others: 

Visualize Goals

Visualizing your goals can be extremely powerful. Post pictures around your home of what you would like to look like after you get in shape. Make a vision board that pictures you running easily, eating healthy foods, and getting slim and trim. Keep these picture in your mind even when you cannot see them. Purchase a few pieces of clothing in the size that you would like to be and hang them in your room where you can see them every day. 

Cancel Negative Thoughts 

James Clear suggests that every time a negative thought about your health goals enters your mind, just say "stop" or "cancel" to yourself and turn your thoughts to other matters. This will help you identify those images and feelings that work against you and cause you to lose power. This mindfulness is the first step to really eliminating negative thoughts from your daily existence. 

Avoid Naysayers 

Your friends mean well, but many may doubt your ability to get into terrific shape and will voice their opinions on this. If they continue to pull you down with their negativity and doubtfulness, it may be best to find new friends who support your cause and believe in you. Seek out those who have similar objectives and positive attitudes. You can help each other to maintain mindfulness and attain goals. 

Speak and Live Positively 

Watch your words. Prolific Living recommends that you speak only positive and uplifting thoughts. Don't doubt yourself when the pounds do not come off right away. Positive thinking is a habit, one you must develop to be successful in any venture. Even when you don't see immediate results, work continuously toward getting into shape. You should begin to see signs of progress soon. And recall, as Carolyn Gregoire notes in Huffington Post, that losing weight and getting into shape will improve your overall health. 

Positive thinking will provide you with the impetus and determination to get into great shape. You will be so pleased with the final results that you will begin using these same techniques in other areas of your life, and you will achieve more than you believe you can.