The PBX® Method does more than just tone muscles – it actually changes their shape, toning and lengthening them to give you long, lean lines and a sculpted physique. Unlike traditional exercises that target one group of muscles at a time, the PBX Method combines three regimes – pilates, barre, and yoga – to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously and address the whole body. This is a more balanced approach to exercise, creating a strong core, improving posture, balance, coordination and cardio health, preventing injuries, protecting joints and muscles from being over-stressed, and achieving a calmer disposition.

Here are more details on how the PBX Method’s balanced approach to exercise improves your overall health.

It’s a refreshing workout for the mind and body

Pilates places emphasis on breathing properly, establishing correct spine posture and pelvic alignment, and encouraging the body to move smoothly. Barre builds muscle mass and strength. Yoga also concentrates on breathing and posture in addition to flexibility and control over the mind’s activities. Combined, they make a full body-and-mind workout that makes you look and feel better all over.

Pilates helps develop a strong core, flat midsection, and strong back

The core consists of the abdominal muscles, especially those that surround the spine. Having control over your core lends control over the entire trunk, pelvis, and shoulder girdle. Almost every pilates exercise involves the core, ensuring that all muscles are worked equally.

A traditional workout with weights works the same muscles repeatedly. Weak muscles continue to stay weak, while strong muscles continue to grow stronger and bulkier. This can cause muscular imbalance, a common cause of back pain and injuries like strains, sprains, and pulled muscles and ligaments. In pilates, muscles are elongated, which improves not only their strength, but also their elasticity and joint mobility, reducing the risk of injuries.

Pilates works the entire body, even the feet and ankles. No muscle is over- or under-trained, so the body remains in balance. Muscles learn to act in concert in smooth, continuous, deliberate movements so your body moves more efficiently, more gracefully, and more safely.

This confers benefits in sports, most of which involve the whole body. No wonder professional and elite amateur sports teams now incorporate pilates into their training.

Barre builds strength

In contrast, barre is primarily isometric strength training targeting specific muscle groups. It involves large numbers of repetitions and generally small ranges of motion, and sometimes involves fairly light free weights. You’ll “feel the burn” doing barre, because it creates the same kind of strength and muscle mass that traditional weights and body-building exercises produce. But because these exercises are combined with pilates in the PBX Method, they don’t result in muscular imbalance. Instead, the additional strength is balanced throughout the body.

Yoga for the whole body and mind

According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga confers a wide range of benefits to the body and the mind. Physical benefits include: increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone; improved respiration, energy and vitality; and weight reduction. Psychological benefits include a reduction of stress; improved sleep; sharper metal performance; and improved body awareness.

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